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Speech pathologists praise Filipinos’ English-speaking skills

The Speak-Well method has taught in hundreds of Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and other Asians to improve their English pronunciation, using a unique foreign accent improvement program developed by Travis James.


Research shows that the Speak-Well method benefitted Filipinos who have taken The Accent Reduction Training Association’s courses have done outstanding in reducing their accents and improving their spoken English clarity and skills.

Mr. James, the director and founder of the Association, has worked with hundreds of Filipinos’ and analyzed their speech using recordings. “Our research shows that Filipino speakers improved their pronunciation of English which we expected improvement over a average three month program. I was privileged to work with many Filipino clients over the past 25 years.” James also notes that Filipinos have a unique accent and tongue position especially on the consonant sound ‘th’ which can improve in just one session of accent modification. “Almost all Filipinos who come to the USA have spoken English for most or nearly their entire adult life. They have less of a need for grammar and vocabulary building and more specifically for accent neutralization which they learn in the Speak-Well classroom. The primary difficulty is that their teachers also had accents which they passed on during the learning process.”


“Filipinos have a good ear and have increased their ability to discern the USA sounds of English after their training program. The improvement is motivating and helps increase their job performance to get ahead in their jobs. Although it can take weeks and months to reach their goals they can learn also to display awareness in understanding the American culture and learn assimilation skills. Most clients come wish to improve their careers and professional outlook as well as themselves in personal situations. The take evening classes leave less time having people struggle to understand them and can do it from home or with another colleague or family member. However, Filipino accent reduction can have short and long term benefits that are achievable in becoming more aware of their pronunciation and communication weaknesses.


“While many if the our clients come from the managerial or professional ranks, James said, we have a large group of Filipinos, in the healthcare field who have enrolled in the pronunciation program. However, anyone with the desire to improve their foreign accent speech can benefit.”

Filipinos Increase Their Employability

“People in more high profile customer service related jobs, can increase their job prospects with an accent reduction course.”


Even if you have learned English abroad in the Philippines, you can better improve your ability to communicate your ideas in a more persuasive, clear, and confident way. If you have to repeat yourself it may be time to look into an accent reduction training course at Speak-Well. You don’t have to be  frustrated and not be understood the first time you say something. This course focuses on helping to learn how to speak more standard American English as a native American speaker, and you can gain the skills you need to communicate confidently in the workplace.


Today in his 23rd year of making this truly revolutionary approach to voice and speech a teaching community to the public. As a teacher, director and entrepreneur, Travis has honed this research based collaborative teaching method utilizing a variety of approaches that has reached the arts in education to corporate board rooms, bringing worlds of people together. Since 1998, he has analyzed the speech patterns of over 105 different language across 119 countries including Tagalog. Once a clients  speech assessment is completed we use this data to aid the study of Filipino speakers and design their curriculum.

Individuals interested in participating in an Accent Reduction Program Online, may contact the Accent Reduction Training Association.

Individuals interested in participating in an Accent Reduction Program Online, may contact the Accent Reduction Training Association at 844-773-2593.

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