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+ Introduction to Accent Reduction: Non-native Speakers of English
+ Group Classes Begin Soon!

Improve your communication and pronunciation skills and improve your relationships.
Develop confidence and speak clearly and effectively with little to no accent.
Learn the to speak like an American and advance your career.

24/7 Scheduling Available

Available 24/7 at your place of business. Programs may be tax-deductible and many companies reimburse employees for training and development.

Group Accent Reduction Live Online Class


  • Individualized accent reduction lessons targets each participant’s and/or language group’s specific challenges based on a initial diagnostic analysis.
  • Participants receive feedback and training on their specific challenges towards the end goal of increased proficiency.
  • Monitoring and direction during the class for each participant, with equal time shared on individual challenges.
  • Instruction on how to pronounce American pronunciation

Time: TBA

Place: Online


Accent Reduction Training Association

Cost: Call
6 weeks

Individual Instruction


The most traditional approach to teaching accent reduction. Using your ARTA Trainer, as a mentor and coach guaranteeing personal one on one interplay for the most effective improvement.

  • Long distance learning accent reduction, via; home/office/in the field.
  • Convenience of setting your own schedule.
  • Effective results that test for accent improvement benchmarks during curriculum training.

Time: Flexible, email for scheduling

Place: Live Online 24/7 (US time zone), webcam is needed for session

Delivery: Online

Max:  3 or more participants

Cost:  longer programs are discounted

Small Group – Programs

Beginning Group (Part 1)

Register: Call or email

material fee:

Register: Going on Now Mentoring Membership Rewards!

Telephone Diagnostic

  • Limited Time

Call today, and know your results immediately. Diagnostic Analysis and written report.

Accent Reduction Training

Self Study-Products

Downloadable mp4

  • Using personalized recorded cd’s and our ARTA workbook/pamphlet
  • Each practice session is $29 per session. (mp4 format)
  • Study for on-the-go lifestyles.
  • Pre-recorded audio samples aid in the mastery of your problem areas.
  • Diagnostic analysis to get you started on the right foot.

mp4 (Download)

Accent Reduction Training


Introduction to Accent Reduction – Webinar Online


  • A discussion on the origins of the Standard American Accent and overcoming it’s barriers.
  • Brief introductions on the prominent sounds of foreign accent reduction.

Time:  TBA

Place: Webinar delivered Online or via Telephone

Cost: Call for pre-registration

Max. size: 100

Register: Going on Now

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