This webinar will help you understand how you will achieve your goals quickly using the ConverSAID LMS. 

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ConverSAID LMS   Lite and Pro Level Level Training 

Topics Include: 

  • A discussion on the origins of the American Accent and overcoming it’s barriers.

  • Brief introductions on the sounds of foreign accent reduction.

  • Increasing confidence; speaking clearly and effectively with little to no accent.

  • Learn the basics of American Intonation to speak like an American.

  • Course content delivered Online via Virtual Classroom; nothing to download

This course teaches you how to apply the ConverSAID Classroom material to your accent improvement — and related areas of your professional and personal goals.  

Benefits For Participants: 

  •  A Live Chat Conversation so you can self-monitor anytime you have a mishap or want to speak more clear
  •  ARTA class sharing techniques about Accent Reduction Mistakes that are not available to non-members
  •  Access to dozens ARTA accent strategies – The Mentorship and Communication
    Strategies and more key take aways.
  • The Most Effective Way to Accent Mirroring and Common Pronunciation Pitfalls, Taking
    the Stress out of your workplace conversations and increase social awareness.

All instruction is customized by our founder Travis James, and his research based methods for over 25 years.

Founder: Travis James, ARTA founder, ConverSAID LMS, specializing in Accent Reduction and Cross-Cultural Communication for business executives and employees. As consultant to the United Nations Consulate Generals in New York among many other public and private sector organizations Mr. James has been a coach and consultant for over 25 years.

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