Stage Fright


Suffering from stage fright? ARTA Business Solutions will help you. We draw from ARTA’s unique pool of trainers and acting experience to develop your communication skills and help you to overcome stage fright – and with over 100 satisfied clients, we have the training experience and reputation to help you overcome stage fright!

This half-day introduction to Conquering Stage Fright will address your anxiety, tension and fear of business situations, i.e., board meetings, public presentations or speaking during a conference call.  Learn to better manage your nerves when communicating in public and prepare to overcome your fears of public speaking.

Using theater-based training, the stage fright workshop will enable you to project a more confident self-image and find your true voice. The stage fright course is taught in in a open and supportive atmosphere and will provide the essential techniques to allow you to focus yourself and maintain control over your communication skills and gain confidence for your next presentation.?

Conquering Stage Fright – Course Overview


  • Delivering introductions and defining objectives
  • Discussion on the manifestation of stage fright and the rational and irrational fears while preparing.
  • Unlock the habits that induce anxiety and the effects of posture, gestures, breathing and voice projection.

Body Control & Breathing

  • Explore physical relaxation exercises and improve posture alignment for increase breathing capacity.
  • Warm up exercise overview – neck, jaw, tongue, etc…
  • Voice – establishing a grounded voice, developing resonance.

Developing Your Vocal Range

  • Bring resonance and clarity to your speaking voice.
  • Develop articulation and expressiveness.
  • Apply newly learned speaking skills to written material.


  • With relaxed physicality and a stronger voice presence, present a short text.
  • Oral Feedback and critique.

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