Telling A Story

  TELLING A STORY IN BUSINESSStories are a common occurance in business and engage us all. They are an important tactic of reaching out to an audience and a critical tool in grasping ones attention. Stories serve a primary function and used: to infor m, to entertain, to build rapport, and to teach.

We will examine how well constructed stories work and why we are so drawn to their human nature. This course explores interpersonal communication and develops an understanding of how we can use this essential human characteristic to further our communication skills.

This workshop provides an understanding of how to heighten the awareness of your communication using the techniques and structure of telling a good story. Connecting with others through storytelling adds a powerful presence, richness, and effectiveness made possible by using the principals in this unique course.

Storytelling can be taken as a discounted two-day training allowing you to enhance your professional communications even more.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Become a skilled, confident speaker
  • Connect and understand your audience sizes large and small in different venues
  • Develop a practical understanding of the structuring of a well crafted story for work and social events
  • Learn the mechanics and structures of enhanced story telling
  • Learn the art of ‘hooking’ an audience and engaging them in the first 10 seconds
  • Sustain the audience’s interest with confidence
  • Develop skills which create imagination, authenticity, and impact

This is a highly practical business course taught in within a safe and structured environment. You will be challenged, stretched and encouraged with an emphasis on individual feedback and coaching. As an result you can expect to have a stronger presence when communicating professionally and personally. 

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