Trainer – Faq’s


How does the trainer referral database work?

If you are would like to find new students, than we invite you to become a member of our teacher database. You can sign up free. If you wish to update your trainer profile information, including schedule, just send an email with the subject, MY PROFILE. You can expect to be contacted by ARTA as students request information that match your qualification in their local area.

How do I register?

Go to the button marked Become a Trainer button on the home page.
The sign up is free.

Am I considered an employee of LiveFaculty, LLC?

No, all trainers who apply and get placed into training positions are hired as independent contractors.  You are responsible for reporting your own taxable income. LiveFaculty, LLC provides referrals and offers teaching and marketing resources to our members, through the LiveFaculty, LLC website. We give you the information you need to improve your ability to attract and maintain students. For in person training, we ask your student to complete an evaluation/review of the service you provided, so that prospective clients can choose wisely.

How do I make myself available for in-person training?

Once you have registered, your information will become available to visitors who are searching for trainers. You will receive an email letting you know that a student has selected you. You should contact the student within 2 days to answer questions and make tutoring arrangements. You may also apply for a position on the ARTA job board.

How do I update my registration information?

You can update your LiveFaculty, LLC registration as often as you like. You can change your trainer profile by clicking the Login button on the profile page. Fill-in the area you would like to update and submit the appropriate changes. Your will receive an email for confirmation. Your changes will take effect immediately. If at any time you plan to be away or you wish to disable your in-person training leads you can email us with the subject heading, Out of Town.

What if a student cannot afford the price I charge?

There are many students who could benefit from your training services, but cannot afford the charge. There is a LiveFaculty, LLC partnership in development, a separate organization helping learners who cannot afford to pay for these services. If you are interested in volunteering some training time or decreasing your rate for sessions with low-income students, please contact us.

How much will I get paid?

Charge what you like. You set your own price and LiveFaculty, LLC takes a small percentage
as a finder fee, once we match you with a student. Once the student pays for the classes, ARTA will send you a direct deposit every 30 days.


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