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Accent Analyzer Trainer (AAT) Certification

The job of customer service and responding to customer situations is one of the most challenging and demanding professions. To help improve the accuracy, performance and quality of service of customer service personnel in the field of Technology and Healthcare, the Accent Analyzer Trainee (AAT) Certification was developed to help the members of the Accent Reduction Training Association (ARTA), and ARTA Accent Analyzer Trainees maximize their customer service communication potential.

Improving the communication and listening skills of customer service agents is critical to keeping them satisfied customers.

Throughout the United States and Canada, the AAT Certification identifies customer service agents that have demonstrated a certain level of knowledge and skill required to demonstrate and implement communication strategies that will improve the satisfaction and professionalism of their customers and assist with the speech training of new and existing customer service agents during the daily challenges they face from agent level-to-manager positions within their organization. The role of a Accent Analyzer Trainee differs from an average customer service personnel in that they are trained with very precise and highly technical verbal skills to help alleviate stress while working with customer requests which may require communication skills far and above what the average agent will have to handle.

As a Accent Analyzer Trainee, you are responsible for knowing and applying a significant amount of information. Your challenge is to use this to thoroughly and effectively develop the ARTA methodology and skills to help your achieve the communication results that you need for a long and challenging career in the customer service. To sit for the exam, you must be a customer service provider or employed by a organization and working full-time. Upon completion, candidates will possess a valid AAT certification by passing the exam.

For full details on the Accent Analyzer Trainee Certification including available study materials and instructions on how to register for the exam, contact us.

did You Know…

When registering for the Accent Analyzer Trainee Exam, you will receive both the ARTA (ASP) Specialist Manual, and Accent Analyzer Trainer Reference Manual. For additional training in voice and speech to help prepare for the exam, a workshop is also offered by (ARTA) several times a year.

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