ARTA Group Accent Reduction

(ARTA) – Accent Reductionist Teaching Accreditation

(CVMC) – Communication Management Consultant Certification

(AAT) – Accent
Analyzer Training Certification

Exam Preparation

ARTA Exam Day
certification Stats
The Group Speech Instructor Certification Exam is divided into the following content areas:

19% Accent Programming

    + Class Design

37% Group  Instructional

29% Group Leadership
+ Class Management

15% Professional


ARTA Group Speech Instructor (ARTA-GSI)


The ARTA Group Speech Instructor Certification (GSI) is designed for language professionals  teaching any concentration of speech in a group setting. Passing the ARTA Group Speech Instructor Certification Course demonstrates you possess the foundation of knowledge and skills necessary to teach reliable and effective group speech classes, regardless of the background of the student. You also bring your personal passion and enthusiasm for group participation to everyone you help in their quest to reach their personal speech and professional goals.

Speaking in a group setting adds an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and motivation for all participants.

ARTA-certified group speech instructors are known to possess the highest standards of excellence in today’s vast spectrum of professionalism in this field. More is expected of today’s group speech professional than ever before. As the speech industry has evolved, traditional techniques has expanded to include an array of diverse group speech systems. Understanding effective communication, teaching techniques and self-monitoring skills enables ARTA-certified group speech instructors to successfully develop and implement interactive and effective group exercise programs,
and engage their participants.

Group speech instructors are in the perfect position to inspire and motivate others to change their speech and voice-related habits through classes designed to deliver a spirit of creativity and uniqueness. This certification demonstrates your understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, voice physiology and instructional techniques including class design, group leadership, motivation, drilling and exercise work.

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