Corporate Training

Make your business more profitable by developing your employee’s skills. By investing in your staff you cultivate productivity, commitment and confidence. Tailored training allows you the flexibility to adapt our training to your specific learning needs.

Corporate clients have a unique set of needs. We understand how daunting and rigorous it can be keeping up with the classes and weekly sessions. Through private coaching, seminars, and workshops we will to help you achieve results that are transferred to the workplace setting.

We offer the following corporate courses throughout the year on-site and in the U.S. and Canada. Individuals can book a course privately or through their company or organization.

For international business people enrolling in the courses, they can minimize errors in communication of business and increase overall mutual understanding. American culture is well known for its outgoing and personable directness and classroom discussion is not exempt from these influences. Understanding American culture, ethic sand business values is paramount to any individual or organization wanting to conduct business and live in America.



These courses are taught in in a  minimum small group of eight participants and are intensive and highly interactive. They are available on-site or at an ARTA location. ARTA courses can adapt and customize to the needs of your employees or organization. The training includes theatre-based exercises and incorporates voice, mind, body, breath and performance. All training is available in half-day, one or two-day programs by an ARTA Certified Trainer.

All our tailored courses involve consultation during the program design process. This ensures that you receive training that meets your objectives, and your organizational goals.

We take a consultative approach to what we do. Our work is a collaboration with our clients; what outcome you are aiming for , what issues you want to address, and what you want to change about your organization’s communication style is where the relationship begins.

In addition to all our course which can all be customized to your organization’s needs, below is a list of some specialized courses we can run:

  • Combined Training – Building Communication Skills; A one day seminar prepared to give your team the skills needed to improve in just a few hours, while building effective communication and improving company morale. 

Prices vary depending on the course, but for an initial standard Personal Impact course is charged per single participant delivering to up fifty participants for the 6-12 week course. Further course development is subject to additional costs, as is venue and transportation.

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